Sammen Systems

Physical Security Consulting - Low Voltage Systems Installation and Service

Services Provided


We provide the following CCTV services:

Access Control

We are able to provide the following services for access control systems:


We provide consulting on the following:

Intrusion Alarms

We provide installation, programming, and service for commercial intrusion alarms. 

We do not provide monitoring services or residential services.

Cable and Device Removal

For lease terminations and renovations, we can remove installed cabling and devices to any degree required.

Contact Information

Email with any questions or for quote requests.

Please leave a message if we don't answer and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

What does Sammen mean?

Sammen is the Danish word for "together" and it forms the core identity of Sammen Systems. Our expertise allows us to work closely with our customers and identify areas for efficiency and gaps in scopes of work.

Working collaboratively with our customers, vendors, and employees ensures that we provide the right solutions for the right situations.